How we make an Impact

Impact Safety Solutions offers the most comprehensive service offerings in our industry, providing continuity and efficiency. This has proven to translate to a harmonized safety culture on site and beneficial cost savings to our clients. From pre-project planning, on-site implementation and support during execution; through to post-project stewardship review of learnings, Impact looks at the big picture every step of the way.

Community Oriented

Impact invests within the community and employs our neighbors. A local workforce produces long term and sustainable jobs with lasting relationships, creating a competent workforce with motivation fueling our corporate culture goals while providing cost efficiencies for our clients with a reduction in accommodation and travel costs.

Solution Driven

Working hand in hand with employees, clients and vendors we build solution based offerings. We proactively develop solutions based from learnings on each job we successfully complete; working with clients to build solutions, not products.

Technology Focused

Impact is forward thinking, ensuring we lead the way with automation and technology for the industrial field. We continue to grow and integrate technological advancement to assist with traditional industrial roles.

Industrial Based

We focus our solutions towards the energy industry understanding this is where our greatest
impact with our industrial automation solutions will be. Our current resources, experience, and best practices associate directly with industrial client requirements.

Key Differentiators

Learn more about the ways in which our innovation is helping evolve expectations for our clients, work crews, and safety professionals alike.

100% Canadian Owned

We are proud to be 100% Canadian owned true providers of Remote Confined Space Monitoring services and technology. With facilities and offices in the three major industrial hubs across Canada. We are your LOCAL provider, bringing world class expertise to your doorstep.

Full NAABA Members

Impact Safety Solutions is a full member of the Northern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association. Being an aboriginally owned company, we pride ourselves in having 25% of our full-time staff self-identify as Aboriginal.

Regulatory Expertise

We have a proven track record of regulatory success and expertise. We have guided multiple major clients through the regulatory process and attained regulatory approvals exclusive to our RCSM system for various facilities across multiple jurisdictions. Let us guide you into the future of Confined Space Operations!

Proven Process

As the Canadian leaders in remote confined space monitoring, we provide a strategic approach to achieving success for your projects. Through coordinated communications and training long before the project starts, we are able to ensure the successful roll-out and implementation of our RCSM technology in your facility. Our process ensures that we have measurable and repeatable performance in all our projects which means maximized value for our clients.

RCSM By The Numbers

There is no better story teller than data. RCSM improves safety, enhances productivity, all while reducing risk exposure hours and cost.

  • 170,000 Risk Exposure Hours Reduced
  • 75% Average local content on Fort McMurray Projects
  • 100+ RCSM Technicians Trained In Canada
  • 10,000+ Personnel succesfully orientated to our system
Dollars in Cost Savings Generated
Average Cost Benefit Generated
K +
Hours Safely Monitored In Canada

Rapid Deployment

Rethink what is possible for complete Confined Space Operations Support

We’re changing the game with our RDX service line. Complete CSE Operations Support including RCSM and breathing air for projects 12 manways or less for durations of 10 days or less. All while maintaining the cost benefit of RCSM Technology.

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