As the only 100% Canadian provider of Remote Confined Space Monitoring, Impact Safety is proud to offer our RCSM Solution. Impact Safety has the largest fleet of Remote Confined Space equipment based in Canada structured at our facilities within the Heartland, Wood Buffalo, and Chemical Valley regions.


This is enabling us to facilitate projects ranging from 1 manway to our largest project to date of 185 manways, setting additionally a new world record for the highest number of confined space entry locations monitored through Remote Confined Space Monitoring at a single maintenance project.

What is RCSM™?

Remote Confined Space Monitoring or RCSM™ is the next step in the evolution of Confined Space Monitoring and Operations. Our system and processes leverage technology to fulfil the legislated responsibilities of a confined space attendant while enhancing the safety of entrants, reducing risk exposure hours, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing costs.

I never had concerns that RCSM would be set up on time or function properly. - Project Manager at Oil Sands Facility

We are true providers

We have full access and control of the technology from the software and hardware to the methods and administration. This control allows us to be able to innovate and respond to client requests and concerns in a much shorter and direct manner. This level of technical support, expertise and guidance are unmatched by secondary providers who are sub-contracting their equipment.


Safety is the guiding principle for the implementation of our RCSM technology and the most valued benefit in form of:
• Reducing risk exposure hours on-site;
• Continuous monitoring of gas detection;
• Increasing the visibility of contractor status;
• Improving the accuracy of in and out logs;
• Establish accurate timelines for incident investigations;
• Improving two-way communication with contractors to an exterior safety contact


The use of technology allows us to automate and elevate the tasks of a traditional confined space attendant:
• Maintaining accurate headcount;
• Documenting continuous gas test results;
• Enhanced two way communication with entrants;
• Improved evacuation alarm systems.


All personnel from entrant to monitoring Technician complete documented training, ensuring safety integrity and competency at all times. All Technicians are subject to ongoing competency verifications throughout each project.


The RCSM technology improves the workflow for contractors by reducing wait times for vessel access and egress. Instant and continuous communication with workers inside the vessel that may not have other communication technologies on-hand is given and expedited dispatch of emergency response is enabled.

Technical Components of RCSM Package

The RCSM technology enhances confined space worker safety by utilizing the following features:

•  Access Control
• Internal and External Communication Components
• Internal and External Video Surveillance
• Emergency Alarms
• Gas Detection

These features are linked to the Central Dispatch Center (CDC). The CDC facilitates the monitoring of each confined space location on site. Technicians will be assigned to a station and monitor all activities at the locations they are responsible for.

The Technicians concentration and focus are guaranteed through two-hour periods of monitoring and field inspections at a time. This also provides the monitoring Technician with the chance to recognize condition changes of confined spaces that happened through the monitoring time.

Impact RCSM Equipment Classifications

Our remote confined space monitoring systems are available to our clients in two classifications:

General Purpose (GP):
System components conform to STD UL 508A-US, CSA 22.2-014-C, for non-hazardous locations such as power plants, full unit shutdowns, etc.

Hazardous Location Rated (HL):
Rated equipment for use in hazardous locations conforming to STD UL 508A-US, CSA 22.2-014-C, CSA 22.2-213C, and ATEX requirements for Zone 0 locations.

Have you heard of RDX?

Our Rapid Deployment Solution for smaller projects!

Our rapid deployment solution (RDX) is ideal for day-to-day maintenance activities as well as small scale projects where RCSM can add safety and value to support all aspects of maintenance-related activities outside of a full shutdown.

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