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Impact Safety Solutions - Remote Confined Space Monitoring

Thank you for your interest in our Remote Confined Space Monitoring (RCSM) solution!

RCSM is easily implemented on any project which has work occurring in confined spaces.

With our RDX Solution, we are able to enhance smaller projects (12 manways or less) with RCSM technology combined with full integration of breathing air, gas detection, emergency medical, and rescue support.

If you are curious about what it may cost to implement our technology on your project, please complete this brief questionnaire and we will provide you with an initial cost estimate.

The questionnaire will give us enough information to provide you with an estimate for the core costs, excluding any variable costs such as additional personnel or services. Once you have submitted the completed questionnaire, one of our team members will provide you with a cost estimate within 2 business days as well as reach out and provide answers to any further questions you may have.

The cost estimate you receive will also include your approximate cost savings when compared to traditional methods, and the amount of risk exposure hours that will be reduced on your project.

Let’s get started!

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