Breathing Air Services

Whether you are working in the energy sector, mining industry or construction field, hazardous breathing conditions can arise. Our breathing air services protect your team in hazardous locations where respiratory protection is a must. Our mobile breathing air trailers offer well-maintained SCBA‘s, SABA‘s and breathing air cylinders that enable your team to work safely in high-risk environments. If you require breathing air support, please get in contact with our team.

We will support your team in the best way possible, so they can focus on what they are doing best - their trade.

Target Projects

This solution applies to day-to-day maintenance activities as well as large turnaround events in an industrial setting. The supplied breathing air is utilized by personnel that needs to access hazardous environments (e.g. high H2S levels) or executes hazardous work that requires respiratory support.


As part of our breathing air service we provide your team with SCBA’s, SABA’s, and breathing air cylinders maintained, inspected, and supervised in our mobile air trailer. Based on your requirements we support your team with personnel trained in bottle watch, spark watch, and other safety services. This ensures that the right combination of support is provided to generate the maximum value for your project.


Our breathing air services offer the benefits of employing supplied air equipment without the need of owning the fleet or training breathing air personnel. We provide a local workforce, experienced and trained to work in industrial facilities throughout Canada. Based on your needs, we can supply trained personnel that are additionally trained in remote confined space monitoring, medical support or high-angle rescue.

By the utilization of breathing air equipment and Impact’s safety personnel you have an experienced workforce on hand to support your team that is working in hazardous locations. Our team is experienced in bottle watch, spark watch, supervision and other safety services if requested. This adaptability is crucial in fast-changing environments and beneficial for human-based incident prevention.

What to expect

Your facility has an upcoming maintenance project. In recent years you used your own breathing air equipment for your personnel, but the maintenance became more and more expensive over the years.

You additionally do not want to utilize your highly-skilled trade workers for bottle watch and spark watch tasks, so you start researching for breathing air service supplier and contacting Impact Safety.

Breathing Air Services

After clarifying resource requirements, our operations team will dispatch our breathing air trailer and the safety personnel to your facility. We will support your team in the best way possible by taking care of your staff’s safety, so they can focus on
what they are doing best – their trade.

Breathing Air Services
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