Why safety and mentoring go hand in hand

Working in the Oil and Gas industry for over 16 years in different countries as a Turnaround Safety Advisor, Blair knows that safety challenges arise quickly and can lead to preventable incidents.

“Over the years, I learned that the view is never the same twice.”Blair Coughlin, Regional Business Manager

Blair highlights the importance of reassessing situations and hazards, as viewpoints can change. “From a work perspective, we may have the Remote Confined Space Monitoring (RCSM) cameras pointing at the same spot all the time, but we can never forget that the condition of the confined space and the work being done changes day by day. With the understanding that the view is never the same twice, we can make sure we stay vigilant and prevent incidents before they arise.”

For him, safety doesn’t stop when leaving work. He says, “we embrace safety by taking it home with us. It is more than a word – it is a core value, it is essential, it is home.”

Next to Impact’s safety-related documents, Blair’s safety knowledge also influences the internal training program. “It is my favourite project because it is a long-lasting and systemic improvement to an ongoing challenge. It is something that is leaving a lasting mark.”  

Blair’s favourite part of the job is the diversity. From different tasks and needed skill sets to the variety of people, he is working with. “No day is like the other one.”

As a Regional Business Manager, he works hand in hand with clients towards successful projects. As a mentor, he provides guidance, gives time to his mentees when needed, and organizes tasks to help others stay on track.

“Over time, you see the people you helped to mentor and grow, their successes and struggles. You figure out different ways to help them. It is unique.” – Blair Coughlin

He explains that in the same way the view is never the same twice – you can’t just try one way as it may not work. In his experience, weekly one-on-one meetings and daily check-ins are essential, especially while some colleagues work from home. Finding the balance and right tools to collaborate is important in times of Covid-19.

By supporting the Impact team wherever he can, Blair empowers his clients, colleagues and mentees. We are grateful to have Blair as part of our Impact Team!

Empowered People. Exceptional Solutions.

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